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Don't Paint the Thing

Jolyn Wells-Moran / 2 Comments

"Ending on a Good Note," 6" x 6", oil
"Ending on a Good Note," 6" x 6", oil

We're always told in painting classes and workshops not to be attached to what the thing is that we're painting, but it's a tough thing to do -- or not do. Anyway, although we may know that, it's a far different thing not to paint a thing. Well, not not paint a thing, just not a thing. We always paint things, but try not to think about it being a thing because, the thing is, we'll be more artistic if we don't paint it as a thing we know. And how hard is it anyway to go at a thing with a warning of what not norrissglasses.comto do, like not paint the thing? See, things are a picture we have in our minds, and you know what tricky things our minds can be anyhow.  As soon as we say, or hear ourselves in our minds say, that we shouldn't think of a thing, of course we always think of exactly that thing. There's that. Then, most importantly, when we paint the thing and are thinking of it as that thing, it becomes a caricature of the thing, only what our  brains think the thing looks like -- not what we actually see. So, here are three very recent paintings in which I think that I remembered to not forget to not paint the thing



"Still Wild," 20" x 16", oil


Artists strive to paint the shape - not the thing.


Have a good evening and don't think about a thing...



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2 Responses to Don't Paint the Thing

norrissglasses.comPainting the negative spaces not the objects but shapes/colors only can help.

I like to add this phrase: paint the feeling.
I'm a realist/impressionist and I explain 'painting the feeling' this way: when the feel of your painting matches what you feel when you look at the subject you are done. This is easiest to understand in Portraiture.

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