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Photo Trouble

Jolyn Wells-Moran / 1 Comment

I'm not much of a photographer, but I'm slowly learning, for the sake of my paintings and to give my pocket book a break from professional photographers. I photographed three paintings by one camera on the same settings, but two show canvas through the paint. I couldn't see the canvas when looking directly at the paintings, though. Do you know why I could see it in the photos?

norrissglasses.comWell, in two of them, I'm apparently not painting quite thick enough for working on canvas. The third is on a gessoed wood panel and the photo is fine. When this has happened, I always thought it was something in my camera settings or that the camera was bad. Finally, I have a decent camera, but today it happened again. And finally, I asked fellow painter, Robin Weiss, what the problem is.

norrissglasses.comAha! Thank you, Robin!


Here are two of today's photos. (I won't even show you the third!) Can you tell which one has the problem? (Hint; you may need to increase the sizes to see the canvas issue.)


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norrissglasses.comI really like this piece. It has the feel of an oil paint by numbers painting from the 50's. I don't mean this in a negative sense at all. I like the look. You have many wonderful paintings and only this one has that feeling for me. It makes me feel a strange sense of nostalgia and when I smell linseed old it takes me back in time. I have found that looking at a photo of the painting can reveal errors in color as well as incomplete or missing areas. When I think I'm done with a painting I take a photo and look at it before putting away paints for the day

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