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Send to a Friend: Free Ebook on Plein Air Painting

Jolyn Wells-Moran / 2 Comments


Santuario de la Virgen, 12" x 16," oil

Know someone who'd like to paint landscapes en plein air, but doesn't know how to get started? Me too. That's why I wrote this free ebook, "You Can Paint Plein Air." It starts with everything a person needs to get out there and paint. Short and to the point, it's basic enough for the beginner, but many experienced plein air painters are likely to find some reminders and new tips too.

There are lots of specifics in the ebook, such as chapters on, "Objects, Details, Brushwork and Edges," "Clouds," "Water," and finally, the unadulterated truth of what it takes to progress at it, a chapter titled, "Pain, Humility and Learning." Passion, inclination and, perhaps, some raw talent, aren't enough.This realization, especially when a painter has invested time and effort in many paintings, yet procrastinated at disciplined study and learning from a skillful art instructor, can be devastating. This is often the point of a commitment to learn or throwing one's hands up in disgust and quitting.

The artist must learn the skills of painting and what works for certain painting challenges before even the rudimentary vision of how she or he would like to paint can be expressed. Feel free to share this ebook with anyone who might benefit. It's a solid first step to successful plein air painting, a helpful guide to the artist who has been struggling with plein air painting and a reference for the more experienced outdoor painter. Write in "Free ebook" in the comments on this page,, and we'll send you the free ebook right away.



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2 Responses to Send to a Friend: Free Ebook on Plein Air Painting

free ebook,

thank you so much.

I'm so happy you shared this!

My dream is to be able to quit my job and focus 100 percent on my pet portraits. Thank you for inspiring! :)

/Nabil Pet Portrait Artist from Gothenburg, Sweden

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