1/8/2012 8:56:51 PM

Silver Town

Jolyn Wells-Moran / Comment on this

Silver and Gold Town: El Triunfo, BCS, Mexico
Silver and Gold Town: El Triunfo, BCS, Mexico

Another of my series from Baja Sur, this is a tiny old silver and gold mining town called El Triunfo, although the mine works closed in 1926. A smoke stack designed by Gustav Eiffel is still there. This view is from a high point of the highway. Massing in the values and hues was challenging during the painting process, since there was so much variety of landscape to cover. The hills were also challenging, but in another way. All of them were covered in what looked like fuzz, the small bushes and low trees. If I had been further away, the mountains would have been blues and more solid looking, but as it was, an almost dry brush scumbling over those expanses was necessary.


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